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Press Release - October 20, 2008
TEC Awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from CSTD

Management Excellence Workshops

Excellence in Building Healthy

Best Practices in Selection and

Legislation: Understanding the

The In’s and Out’s of Health and





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Best Practices in Selection and Retention

Hiring Right the First Time

  • Learn how to facilitate better hiring decisions by applying sound interviewing techniques such as behaviour-based interviewing;
  • Learn how to evaluate and select appropriate candidates for your organization; and
  • Learn how to check references for candidates.

The Value of Performance Reviews

  • Understand the value of progress reviews as a business tool;
  • Learn how to plan and conduct effective reviews that encourage individuals to maintain good performance and improve less desirable results; and
  • Learn how to conduct coaching sessions to improve performance.

Managing Employees Using Effective Feedback and Discipline

  • Learn a set of principles for giving effective feedback;
  • Learn how to appropriately document disciplinary action; and
  • Learn how to plan for and conduct effective feedback and discipline meetings.