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Press Release - October 20, 2008
TEC Awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from CSTD

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Press Release - October 20, 2008
TEC Awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from CSTD

The Employers’ Choice Inc. is proud to announce that they were awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from the Canadian Society for Training and Development for their program “Leadership Foundations.” They received the award at the CSTD President’s Dinner and Award Ceremony on October 16, 2008.

DundeeWealth Inc. partnered with The Employers’ Choice Inc. to create Leadership Foundations, a program focusing on leadership development. During the past two years over one hundred DundeeWealth leaders have graduated from the program.

The program’s design includes:

  • A launch session,
  • Four half-day workshops focusing on areas of leadership development including workshops on Becoming a Great Manager, Working as a Team, HR Law 101 for Managers, and Guiding the Resolution of Conflict in the Workplace;
  • A team project including presentation to senior executives at DundeeWealth; and
  • A graduation ceremony.

As a result of the Leadership Foundations program success at DundeeWealth has been identified by improved employee engagement scores, Managers being more fully engaged and less resistant to new initiatives, improved opportunities for Senior Executives to identify “talent” within the organization, more cross-functional opportunities and collaboration, reduced employee risk exposure, and increased demand for the program.

TEC’s Management and Leadership Foundations Program

Over the past five (5) years, TEC has built a Management and Leadership Foundations program, which offers a potential sixteen (16) core leadership and management courses. All of the programs designed are customized to each client’s needs to ensure that the appropriate areas for development are being addressed.

TEC’s approach to creating effective “training” is to develop practical, challenging and engaging programs that establish learning environments which enable participants to improve their own personal and interpersonal effectiveness within the workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about our Management and Leadership Foundations Program please contact Jodi Zigelstein-Yip at or at (905) 874-1035 extension 433.