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Our Training Approach

Our approach to creating effective “training” is to develop programs that establish learning environments which enable participants to improve their own personal and interpersonal effectiveness within the workplace. Effective training focuses on issues relevant to the workplace, and is customized to meet the needs and experience of the participants. Effective training must be practical, challenging, and engaging.

Each program is designed to facilitate the learning of the participants by using principles of adult learning, progressive training methods, well-designed materials, behaviour modeling, coaching, and reinforcement of skills and techniques learned.

It is our belief that for the training to be effective and to achieve the maximum benefit to the participant and the organization, that it must be practical and immediately applicable. At the conclusion of each session, we provide recap notes to all participants, which include providing the tools, assessments, and discussion notes to enhance learning and application.

For programs where there are a series of modules such as our Leadership, Management, and Supervisory Foundations Program, we ensure consistency in approach and messaging from facilitator to facilitator. To ensure an effective return on investment, we create opportunities for employees to practice and apply their skills in the sessions by providing case studies, role plays focusing on the participant's current experiences, and peer feedback. It is our experience that transfer of learning to the workplace occurs more effectively when interactive activities are built into the training program.