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Press Release - October 20, 2008
TEC Awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from CSTD

Management Excellence Workshops

Excellence in Building Healthy

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Management Excellence Workshops

Becoming a Great Manager/Supervisor

  • Learn a set of interaction skills that can help you meet business needs and the personal needs of employees;
  • Understand what personality traits you exhibit and how to best work with others whose personality traits are the same or different; and
  • Understand what motivates people who directly report to you.

Working as a Team

  • Identify strategies for improving team performance;
  • Look for ways to reduce the time it takes a team to overcome growing pains;
  • Understand how, when, and what to delegate; and
  • Learn how to guide your team in making effective decisions that have the group's support and commitment.

Coaching for Excellence

  • Define coaching and its effectiveness within the workplace;
  • Describe what coaching is and what coaching is not;
  • Understand individual coaching skills/abilities and what areas participants have strengths and where their greatest area(s) of improvement lie;
  • Describe the differences methods of coaching; and
  • Build skills in handling challenging coaching discussions.

Preparing Others for Success

  • Identify opportunities to prepare others to succeed;
  • Understand how, when, and what to delegate;
  • Identify skill and knowledge gaps with direct reports; and
  • Set personal objectives relating to delegation.

Guiding the Resolution of Conflict in the Workplace

  • Identify the causes of conflict in the workplace;
  • Recognize stages of conflict and behavioural signs that point to the escalation of conflict; and
  • Explore approaches to guide conflict resolution.

Problem Solving and Decision Making for Success

  • Look for ways to reduce the time it takes a team to overcome growing pains;
  • Apply sound problem solving techniques to resolve issues within your team;
  • Determine the factors leading to the success of teams; and
  • Apply best practices in making decisions within your team.