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Press Release - October 20, 2008
TEC Awarded a Gold Canadian Award for Training Excellence from CSTD

Management Excellence Workshops

Excellence in Building Healthy

Best Practices in Selection and

Legislation: Understanding the

The In’s and Out’s of Health and





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Excellence in Building Healthy Organizations Workshops

Engagement: The Key to Successful Organizations

  • Define employee engagement;
  • Identify management practices that enhance and reduce employee engagement;
  • Understand how the principles of fairness, trust and support contribute to employee engagement; and
  • Discuss basic strategies on how to overcome disengagement in the workplace.

Balance: The Work/Life Dilemma

  • Learn about the importance of life balance;
  • Discuss factors that create an imbalance between work and life;
  • Identify individual needs with respect to balance; and
  • Learn strategies for creating life balance.

Attendance Management

  • Review approaches to managing excessive absenteeism;
  • Understand the essential components of effective leave and attendance management programs; and
  • Understand policies on reporting obligations.


  • Learn about the cost of disability to the company and the employee;
  • Discuss the organization and role of management in managing disabilities; and
  • Identify factors that contribute to effective and ineffective return to work programs.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

  • Identify the causes of stress in the workplace;
  • Learn to identify the symptoms of stress in employees; and
  • Learn some techniques on how to cope with stress in the workplace.