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The Core of Human Resources
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The Core of Human Resources

Human Resources Planning and Needs Assessment Tools

Our human resources planning and needs assessment tools allow you to gain a better understanding of the gaps between your current human resources structure and the present and future needs of the business. Ultimately, our approach enables the identification of ways to optimize your resources. Our tools and evaluative process covers all functional areas of human resources as well as looks at the business and strategic direction of the organization. They are ideal for any business undergoing change including those planning for growth and changes in direction. We also work closely with entrepreneurs and their business advisors to effectively assess the value and risks associated with potential acquisitions.


We offer a wide-range of on-site outsourcing options. Whether you are a small business looking for an experienced human resources professional on a part-time basis, an organization looking for transition services, or a large organization looking for regular support in a particular human resources subject area, we can structure on-site services that meet your needs.

Policies, Procedures and Workplace Tools

High performing organizations have clear human resources policies and procedures to govern their everyday practices. They have tools to facilitate the processing of workplace transactions and to enable effective communication. In the development of these workplace tools, we explore a wide range of potential policies and best practices in human resources. We facilitate a process that allows for organizations to introduce highly customized policies that meet legislative requirements and are appropriate to their workplace culture.

Total Compensation

For most organizations, optimizing the investment in compensation is crucial to the bottom line success of the business. We provide a full spectrum of compensation management services to enable organizations to attract, retain and motivate their people. These services include base compensation systems design and management tools, incentive systems analysis and design, market positioning support, job planning and development tools, legislative compliance and pay equity, benefits analysis and selection, retirement arrangements, and executive compensation. All elements of compensation are intricately linked and we work to find the right mix of components that will produce the greatest return for the investment. We also provide a significant level of support to Board of Directors and Compensation Committees in the compensation planning processes.

Health and Safety

We offer a broad range of support to address health and safety in the workplace, from education and support on due diligence, to WSIB process management, effective JHSC committee management, and Workwell Audits.