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Reaching Out to Employees

Gauging Workplace Climate

The overall climate of the workplace is a major underlying factor that impacts the performance of your business. Utilizing a number of methods, including focus groups, employee meetings and surveys, we assist your business with gathering the information needed to identify and resolve issues in the workplace and establish and maintain an effective working environment. Our information-gathering tools are powerful, interactive, and enable a high level of confidentiality. Our approach to gauging workplace climate involves asking the right questions in the right venue. Once issues are identified, we work with the leadership team to create a viable action plan to address the areas of concern.

Organizational Health and Wellness

Our organizational health services address workplace factors that contribute to the organization's overall health from the perspective of engagement, support, productivity and effectiveness. Organizational health and wellness extends beyond physical health and examines how corporate culture, workplace dynamics, management practices, etc. impact the organization as a whole and consequently individual health. We offer a broad range of tools to identify the key drivers and barriers impacting the organization and the associated costs. Our programs are designed to bring about change, promote health and wellness, create understanding and awareness of health issues, including mental health, and proactively manage absences from the workplace when they are necessary.

Workplace Dynamics

When workplace issues arise, a professional and measured response is required. We provide a broad spectrum of intervention and facilitation services designed to reach consensus. We understand the business context and individual needs and motivations. Our approach is to provide objective, respectful, and confidential, solution-focused interventions that create understanding, foster skill development and achieve resolution. Services include team development, coaching, mediation, conflict resolution, assessment and investigations. We pay careful attention is to legal compliance, and proper and effective documentation.

Exit Interviews

If there is a sudden change in turnover, it may be time to speak with exiting employees. Our approach involves both surveys and in-person exit interviews.